July 19th, 2024

[New!] Jan 20: Appointed the Interim Technical Series Manager for the IETF's RFC series

May 16: Joined the ICANN Stability and Security Advisory Committee

July 15: Appointed a trustee of the Internet Society.

Apr 08: Elected president of CAUCE

Co-founded the Domain Assurance Council

Jul 06: Webcast at Oxford Internet Institute: Internet Security: Legend or Myth?

Jul 05: Webcast at Oxford Internet Institute: Internet Governance for Dummies

Feb 05: Appointed to ICANN At Large Advisory Committee

Recent weblog entries:

John R. Levine writes, speaks, and consults on the Internet, electronic mail, cybersecurity, and related topics.

He speaks to many trade, policy, and general groups. He's testified at the Federal Trade Commission Spam Forum on the mechanics of spam, to the Senate Commerce Committee on spyware, and is part of the Industry Canada Task Force on Spam. He's spoken at the Internet Law and Policy Forum and at many conferences.

He is frequently interviewed in the print and electronic media and has extensive working relationships with reporters.

He consults and provides advice and expertise on e-mail and Internet systems, security, and software. See his series of white papers on electronic mail.

He is the president of CAUCE, the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email, the leading grassroots organization working against spam and other online abuse.

He is a member of the ICANN Stability and Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) which provides expert technical advice to ICANN and its board of directors.

From 2015 to 2021 he was a trustee of The Internet Society, which works to bring the Internet to underserved parts of the world, to keep the Internet open and trusted, and to maintain and improve the Internet's technical standards.

He co-founded the Domain Assurance Council, a non-profit industry consortium that establishes standards for e-mail certification and security.

He's served as an expert witness on a variety of computer topics including e-mail spam, compiler software, and graphic image file formats.

He's written many books on the Internet and other computer topics. His books range from the best-selling Internet for Dummies, with over seven million copies of eleven editions in print in dozens of languages, Fighting Spam for Dummies, and Windows Vista: the Complete Reference to books on computer language tools and graphics programming.

For more information on John's activities and interests, visit these related web sites.

John R. Levine, Taughannock Networks, Post Office Box 727, Trumansburg NY 14886
+1 646 570 1224, e-mail: info@taugh.com, Twitter: @spamvikktim